Friday, 3 December 2010

Covered in glitter...!

The beginning of December can only mean one thing... the arrival of glitter!

We have had a very busy week decorating venues around Bournemouth and it's not over yet, but at least the bulk of it has been completed.

One hotel that used our decorating service this year for the first time was adamant that the look of the decorations in the various areas should be themed and professional and not look like a couple of the porters have hung up some baubles and tinsel! We used quite a bit of existing hotel Christmas stock including the artificial trees but also used a further 800 glass baubles sourced from Holland and 30 metres of garland and twinkling lights for the restaurant. The end result was classy and neat; no paper chains and glitzy foil pull stars here! Amazing what you can do with a generous budget!

So while the two shops have been relatively quiet during the freezing snowy weather, we have been ultra busy climbing up and down ladders, stringing up lengths of lights and getting covered in glitter in the process!

Next week I shall be doing a walkabout with the general manager of one the larger hotels to see what else they might need to go with the 7 trees and other decorations that we put up yesterday... hopefully not too much more glitter!

As a retail florist, I usually don't expect to be taking too many Christmas orders at this stage of the festive build up, so I was pleasantly surprised that some customers are getting organised and a few orders are already in the system. With Christmas Day being at the end of the week at least we shall have a full 5 days to take orders and deliver them; so much nicer than when Christmas is mid week.

Also next week, we will be launching our own range of Christmas Products and they will be for sale on the website at the end of the week. The Festive products will consist of a hand tied bouquet, a vase arrangement, a table centre and a "designer" piece for a higher budget. Bundled together with Chococo chocolates or LSA glassware the mini range should have something for everyone.

Have great weekends everyone - enjoy the festive build up!

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