Sunday, 29 May 2011

The end of Chelsea Flower Show 2011

...And so with a hint of sadness, we left the showground of RHS Chelsea Flower Show on Saturday afternoon reflecting on what was a very successful week for all concerned.

The magnificent exhibit "A Sense of Perspective", designed by David Denyer won a RHS Chelsea Gold Medal for Interflora and this follows the Gold Medal awarded last year for my design "Progression".

Interflora are obviously very happy with the result and David D & I are always very quick to add that the whole event was very much a team performance. Behind the scenes there was so many aspects to organise; and so much of this was down to a wonderfully supportive team from Interflora Headquarters, most notably Bethany Day, David Clancy, Ben Freeborn and the whole of the Brand Management team. But it doesn't stop there because without the generous sponsorship of Landgard (flowers & foliage) and Smithers-Oasis (floral foam and accessories) the whole project may never have reached finality.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response from the visiting public at the show and the visitors book is bulging with amazing comments and remarks - some of them brought a lump to the throat, providing further proof that flowers are the ultimate emotive product.

Just one page of the book - the other 15 pages are very similar!
The other momentus occasion of the week was the arrival of my first solo book "Monograph" published by Stichting Kunstboek.

The first batch of this publication arrived just in time for sale in the RHS Book Shop at the show. The book has sold well, and I had to bring in some of my own copies to add to the stock in the shop. It was certainly a great feeling to not only see my own book for sale at this wonderful event but also to have the opportunity to sign copies for people made it feel extra special. The book is available from and is priced at £35

Monograph by David Ragg

And so, as we return to a modicum of normality, plans are now afoot for a variety of projects including up and coming workshops, demonstrations and although distant at the moment, AIFD Symposium in Miami July 2012.

A few more pictures form the show, hope you like them...

The Start of Preparation

The first flower goes in!

Doorway 1 - complete

5 down, 4 to go!

Doorway 2

The end of prep day 1

David D's TV Debut

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