Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A very wet Wednesday... and it must be Christmas!

Today we thought we'd be organised and start preparing some designs for our new Sympathy Flower leaflet. I have thought for quite some time that the local funeral directors would benefit from having a slightly more bespoke set of designs to offer to their clients and following discussions earlier this year with some of them, this is exactly the case.

So, with the rain beating down outside and with time to spare, we got on with it! The designs will be photographed on Thursday in the shop - hardly studio conditions but I think I can achieve the desired look!

Also, I've been planning for the Europa Cup elimination contest being held in Birmingham on October 23rd. The theme, "The Elements" covers 4 designs including bridal design (wind), planted design (earth), hand tied bouquet (fire) and designers choice (water). I'm nearly there with 3 of the pieces but one is still waiting for a moment of inspiration - maybe this weekends Floral Movement event in Holland will provide some stimulus!

Finally, can you believe that a nearby hotel here in Bournemouth has a Christmas Tree up already! What are they thinking of?? Can only assume they have a promotional area for Christmas parties etc. This tree isn't a little table top one though, it's a full blown 6-7ft artificial tree - as tacky as you'd expect!

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