Friday, 1 October 2010

The end of the week - kind of...

Well... what a week, and what a day! Heavy rain and storm force winds all day long, a great start to October!

However, at 5pm we completed the lease for the new shop and surrendered the old one. Been a day of waiting but eventually it has happened.

Typically, I am working away all weekend and cannot get stuck in with moving shops but fortunately the landlord is pretty relaxed and is happy to let me stay for a few days whilst things are sorted. Just hope the new tenants don't arrive on Monday morning with van loads of contractors ready to do the refit!

The "new" shop, is actually an old shop (Grade II listed), and was trading as a florist up until the end of August this year. It is an empty shell at present and with a bit of a freshen up and new colour scheme the basis of the new look will take shape. As soon as we are settled in I will throw a launch event of some sort and generate plenty of excitement! Wimborne is a small town and word travels fast - best we do it well!

This weekend I am out in Holland taking part in a Just Chrys event being held in Amersfoort - I hope to have plenty of pictures next week...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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