Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Shop Pictures

A week on and the new shop is doing fine. Still a lot to do in terms of marketing the place but at least I have a shop that I am proud to talk about now, rather than one I'd rather keep under wraps. 
This week it has dawned on me just how awful the other shop had become. Not only did it feel like I was squatting in someone else's business for 2 years or more, the remnants of the old business where still there to be seen - including some rather unsavoury furry friends who had a habit or gnawing their way through the crumbling walls.
The new shop (I will probably end up calling it this for years by the way!) is fresh and clean and bright - still a tad chilly - but nonetheless a very pleasant place to be.
I have included some pictures, and it is a work in process - it will evolve!

Plenty of things coming up; the workshops are back, both David D & I are busy with other demonstrations and workshops around the place, and before I know it we will be spending an evening or two decorating Bournemouth hotels for Christmas - Joy!

Finally, as the evenings draw in and the days are getting colder let's think of all the best bits that the winter months bring......

.... oh, there aren't any are there!

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