Monday, 25 October 2010

when coming second ain't so bad!

Everyone loves a winner! Everyone loves to win...
After all coming second, or being the "runner up" really means you're the first of the losers!

However, last weekends BFA Florist of the Year saw my attempt at becoming the UKs representative in the 2011 Europa Cup end up in failure. I came second, I was the runner up, I was the first of the losers...

I'm not about dwell too much on this as the result takes an enormous amount of pressure off me and the business and whilst the desire to win is always within, this time I don't think it was ever 100%

Maybe my competing days are over and I should turn my attention to judging - now that would be interesting!

As Autumn takes a firm hold and winter a mere whisper away, I am looking forward to the next few months where we can gear up for Christmas, prepare for a very busy schedule into the New Year and plan for the workshops and demos during 2011.

New stock items soon will be a range of Chococo chocolates; beautiful hand made delights from the Purbecks, can't wait for them - there may have to be some testing involved, they are fantastic!

We are also working on a new product range for the website that will include a collection of gift bundles that will be totally original - there is some way to go with this, but we will get there eventually!

I recently asked a question on Facebook regarding what the consumer (non florist) expected when they were buying flowers. The answers included "freshness and colour", "affordable", "quality", "unique", "wacky". When asking the same question to those in the industry the answers were slightly different and unsurprisingly "quality" and "price" were often mentioned. Seems to be the way we are now I guess. There was a time when I may have bought a whole bucket of something just because it was different, exciting and possibly even a little expensive. Bit different at the moment I have to admit! I would love to have those days when I would say to the suppliers "I'm not bothered about the price, just make sure it's the best quality!"

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