Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chelsea Looming...

It is literally days away from the big build up for us at RHS Chelsea Flower Show - with a few butterflies we are ready and waiting with knife in hand, waiting to pounce on all the beautiful flowers and materials being supplied by the sponsors Landgard.
It hardly seems possible that a year has passed since "Progression" and I remember clearly all the hustle and bustle of being involved at Chelsea before the gates are open; a great place to be actually, being really involved in the build up of this magnificent Floral Spectacle.
This years exhibit "A Sense of Perspective", designed for Interflora by David Denyer, is bigger, bolder and promises to be a true statement of form and design. It is oozing with architectural quality and structural prowess, the flowers will be vibrant and commanding, the theme carried through with gusto!
The 7 x 3m base will be the starting point for the 9 "doorways" that make up "Perspective". Each doorway a differing shade of grey and each adorned with a different colour palette from orange through to red, cerise, purple, blue and green. Viewers of the exhibit will get a different aspect from wherever they are standing; sometimes looking through a series of 3 or 4 doors; a side view of the entire design; or an end on view capturing the final moments of the colours as they reach the end of the pattern.
Pictures of the exhibit will be posted as we go along and I hoping to produce a short video montage of the build to show it grow and form from nothing!
If you are at the show then please find us and say "Hi" - if you can't make it to Chelsea this year keep your eyes peeled on the BBC coverage which will hopefully feature the exhibit, but will definitely feature David Denyer in a short "How To..." slot broadcast on Wednesday 25th.

For now, a little reminder of Chelsea 2010...

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