Friday, 6 May 2011

New Blog site on the way, new book on the way, new outlook on the way

Very soon, well not long now, this blog will be moving to a new location, a new domain and a new host. My own website has been sitting idle for quite some time now; the gallery doesn't work, the news section is old and the content looking somewhat neglected. The new blog will be at and will give me a chance to update daily (or weekly at least!) the goings on in my floral world.

The first bit of news will be the exciting arrival of my new book (I say "new", there hasn't been another one, not solo anyway). "Monograph" will be published this month and fingers crossed the first consignment will arrive at the RHS Book shop at the Chelsea Flower Show - now that would be cool!

As I will be at the show for most of the week on Interflora duties it will be a great fillip to get my hands on the book at this great event.

The plans for Chelsea itself are now on full steam ahead and with David Denyer project managing the incredibly exciting Interflora exhibit "A Sense of Perspective", I feel uber-confident of great success!  
The exhibit will provide a stunning addition to the Great Pavilion at Chelsea and it's pure architectural structure will stand out amongst all the flora that surrounds it. A vibrant combination of form and colour "Perspective" (as we've come to call it) stands tall and proud, it screams modernity and yet still encompasses all that is great about top notch floral design. We can't wait to get going on it!!


With all the excitement of the book and Chelsea, there are a few things that have been put on the shelf for a while, but as soon as June comes it will be full steam ahead to carry on with the planning.

This includes the development of our own product range for the website, new packaging for the floral gifts, a branding refreshment and the plans to open a hands-on workshop set up in the Bournemouth branch. 

Lots to be thinking of but better to be busy than not - just as well really!

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